Welcome 2062


It was time to ring in the new year and trust Kathmandu to do it in style.

Venue: Hotel Everest.

Time: 11 am. Crowd: 700.

The party really took off with the irresistible tunes of “Summer of 69”. Couples were seen dancing to the stirring rhythms of the electrifying numbers played by the mesmerising DJ Nasha, swaying to the melody of “O Sathi Re” and rocking to the beat of “Dhoom”. The New Year Eve celebrations for BS 2062 at the hotel was organised by Collage Pvt Ltd and sponsored by Royal Stag. The Himalayan Times was the official media of the event.

Venue: Rox Restaurant and Bar.

Time: Midnight. Crowd: 300.

A motley crowd of teenagers, adults and the occasional foreign national danced to the beat of “Nepali Ho” performed by Cloudwalkers, live band for the occasion. As the clock struck 12, everyone was seen exchanging hugs, kisses and greetings for a happy BS 2062. Resident DJ Raju wished all a peaceful and prosperous new year. The party was organised by birthday boy Adil Shah and sponsored by Everest Beer and Royal Stag.

Venue: The Poolside, Hotel De l’


Time: 1 a.m. Crowd: 3,000.

It was but the ultimate blast. This sure looked like the biggest party in town what with DJ Aqeel, DJ don from Mumbai and one of the best DJs in neighbouring India, taking complete charge of the populace with his scintillating “Disco 82”, “ Keh Du Tumhe”, “Tu Tu Hai Wahi”, “Don’t be Shy”, and other numbers by Jay Sean, Raghav, Rishi Rich, not to forget “Resham” the Nepali hit number. “Resham”. This correspondent watched enthralled as the master of big time entertainment took charge of the console, a complete package of good looks and creativity, dressed in an off-white and green combination, looking breathtakingly attractive, mesmerising all.

From the young to the middle aged and from the diffident to the bold, everyone shook a leg or two and enjoyed every minute. Girls flaunted the latest of trends and guys, of course, looked as handsome as ever, which was a rather difficult choice for fashion observers as well as the average personwatcher. Miniskirts to ankle boots, low cut jeans to halter necks, you name it, they had it all (on).

Heineken Thirst with DJ Aqeel was organised by PartyNepal.com, The Himalayan Times being the official media. Heineken Thirst with DJ Aqeel is the third among a series of parties to be organised by Heineken, the first of which happened in Holland.

An awesome effort put up by the organisers and sponsors, Heineken, Marlboro, Cutty Sark, Finlandia and Jet Airways!

(Jointly contributed by

Yasmin Taj, Sucheta Dasgupta and Rabindra Pokharel)