Venue: Rox Bar, Hyatt Regency

Time: 8 pm

Crowd: 300

Kathmandu: It was a virtual blast! One too sensational for music maniacs and partygoers to let go of just like that!! After all, this wasn’t any of those parties with lacklustre bands playing their corny music. When The Uglyz are there with their guitars it’s no wonder if half the town stops thinking about anything else. The bar was seething with endless hoards of grunge adolescents when the party kicked off at 8 pm. The Uglyz, one of the most admired bands in the capital, strummed their guitars until the mob euphoria reached its crescendo. “There should be a moment once in a while when one ought to get wild… so that come another day I won’t repent being myself again,” said one party freak. The crowd seemed indefatigable enthused with the rollicking music and the exotic ambience of Rox Bar that is unquestionably matchless. Then came the roller-coaster rides with DJ Raju, incredibly manoeuvring his magic fingers on the turntables to take audiences to the many pinnacles of delight. This party is one to be remembered for weeks to come! Razzmatazz with the Uglyz and DJ Raju at Rox Bar, Hyatt was presented by Gopi Krishna Movies. — HNS