What the books are about

What the books are about

Exposing the Real Che Guevara:

Fontova gets right to the work of debunking familiar notions of Argentinan revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevera; by the end of the preface, he’s pinned 14,000 executions on Guevera and credited positive portrayals to the public relations work of Castro and the laziness of biographers. The critical attack continues throughout, combining the testimonies of former revolutionaries and Cuban refugees to assemble a damning portrait of a man lauded by everyone from Jean-Paul Sartre to Jon Lee Anderson. According to Fontova, the real Che was “a revolutionary Ringo Starr” who “fell in with the right bunch and rode their coattails to world fame.” Presenting a failed physician, an inept guerrilla and a hapless sycophant, Fontova adds insult to injury by claiming Che was “deathly afraid to drive a motorcycle.”

The Google Story

The Google Story is the definitive account of one of the most remarkable organisations of our time. Every day over sixty-four million people use Google in more than one hundred languages, running billions of searches for information on everything and anything. Through the creative use of cutting-edge technology and a series of groundbreaking business ideas, Google’s 32-year-old founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, have in 10 years taken Google from being just another Internet start-up to a company with a market value of over $80 billion. Based on scrupulous research and extraordinary access to the inner workings of Google, this book takes you inside the creation and growth of a company that has become so familiar its name is used as a verb around the world. But even as it rides high, Google wrestles with difficult challenges in a business that changes at lightning speed. In this fully updated edition of the 2005 title, David A Vise brings readers fully up to speed on the latest developments and issues facing the company as it continues to expand and innovate while trying to sustain the guiding vision of its founders’ mantra: Do No Evil.

The Girl with the Dragon...

Stieg Larsson is the best Swedish crime writer of the decade. — Kristianstadbladet. A violently entertaining trilogy... may it never end. — Arbetarbladet A huge, 500-plus-page opus, a multilayered, multi-character tale by a writer of some considerable power. Full of social conscience and compassion, with great insight into the nature of moral corruption, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo just knocked me out. During the time I had my nose stuck in its pages, I was thoroughly consumed by the work, and in those periods when I had to put the book down, I found myself grumpy and anxious to return to Larsson’s narrative... when I finally put the book down, I was still unable to sleep, my head filled with the high-definition world that this author has crafted... already I’m thinking this could be remembered as the best crime novel of 2008... This book shows how exhilarating crime fiction can

be. — Ali Karim, The Rap Sheet website A publishing sensation, an accomplished crime writer who seemingly came from nowhere...a memorable debut and deserves most of the hype with which it is being published in this country... Crime

fiction has seldom needed to salute and mourn such a stellar talent as Larsson’s in the same breath.

— Sunday Times The ballyhoo is fully justified...

At over 500 pages this hardly sagged...The novel scores on every front — character, story, atmosphere. — The Times 1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell’s classic novel tells the story of a world where thoughts and actions are controlled by the all-seeing Big Brother. When Winston Smith rebels and searches for the truth he learns a painful lesson about his world and the people in it.

The Brief Wondrous Life...

Things have never been easy for Oscar. A ghetto nerd living with his Dominican family in New Jersey, he’s sweet but disastrously overweight. He dreams of becoming the next J R R Tolkien and he keeps falling hopelessly in love. Poor Oscar may never get what he wants, thanks to the Fuku — the curse that has haunted his family for generations. With dazzling energy and insight Diaz immerses us in the tumultuous lives of Oscar; his

runaway sister Lola; their beautiful mother Belicia; and in the family’s uproarious journey from the Dominican Republic to the US and back. Rendered with uncommon warmth and humour, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is a literary triumph, that confirms Junot Diaz as one of the most exciting writers of our time.