What will Britney name her daughter?

LONDON: Fans across the US are laying bets on what Britney Spears would name her unborn child — widely reported by the media to be a girl. While some say she’ll name the baby after her mother Lynn, others say the name would be Hebrew since Britney’s into Kabbalah mysticism. Yet others say it would be a combination of hers and hubby Kevin Federline’s names. “Lynn is definitely up there. She’s so close to her mother that I would expect that to feature — maybe she’d use it as a middle name,” said baby naming expert Sue Moss. Says Linda Murray, of babycenter.com: “Vegas is a definite possibility. But she may choose a Hebrew name, as she’s into Kabbalah — maybe Miriam, which means rebellious. The media widely reported Britney was having a girl after an apparent slip-up by her publicist. — HNS