LONDON: Singer-cum-actress Jennifer Lopez claims her break-up with former fiancé Ben Affleck forced her to seek more peace and goodness in her life. The duo had a tumultuous relationship that played out in the public eye and was a favourite target of the tabloid press, who dubbed the couple ‘Bennifer’, reported. She explains: “I honestly have to say that my own trials and tribulations were really hard, especially living in the public eye. That experience made me seek more peace, more truth, more honesty, more goodness in my life. It has made me want more.”

And her husband Marc Antony found out humour comes in handy to woo a woman. Lopez confirms she fell in love with him because he made her laugh uncontrollably.

She claims most people don’t realise what a great sense of humour her husband has, because he is

so private.”The thing with me and Marc whenever the two of us got in a room together, neither one of us could stop laughing. He comes off as a very serious artist because he is; he’s ble-ssed and has a tremendous gift... He’s one of the funniest people you’ll ever me-et.”