Will asks aati kya Khandala?

MUMBAI: Hollywood actor Will Smith had a ball on Indian Idol and good-humouredly sang a Hindi film song along with a contestant.

While recording it, one of the contestants Karunya asked Will to sing a Hindi song. “Oh I can’t do that!” Will protested. Karunya insisted and asked Will to follow him. “Oh it’s very simple. Just repeat after me...”

And Will sang Aati kya Khandala with Karunya, much to the delight of the audience in the studio. Except that he couldn’t get the ‘kh’ sound and insisted on singing Kandala.

One of the contestants asked Will how one got over one’s inhibitions in public.

“Just go to a large shopping mall and do this.” And Will jumped on to the sofa and screamed like Tarzan in the jungle. All in all, Will was a scream on Indian Idol.