With a will to swing


A one-handed golfer? Sounds unbelievable no? But then you just have to watch Dharan’s Birendra Dewan tee off to believe this.

And Dewan’s dream is to become a champion golfer one day.

During his childhood days he dreamed of being a golfer. He used to visit the golf course at the Dharan British camp, which was built in 1962 for the medical treatment of ex-British Gurkhas and new recruits. However, entry was only for ex-British Gurkhas and British nationals, and for many like Dewan playing golf on the greens remained just that — a dream.

But then they were very resourceful.

“We had watched the game from afar, made replicas of golf sets of wood,” said Dewan recalling the old days.

He left for Malaysia in 1996 aged 24 with dreams of changing his future. However, he returned home with a handicap — he lost left hand in an accident the tin factory that he was working in.

But his love for a round of golf did not diminish even then. He did not miss a round with friends or a practice session during his free hours. He performed remarkably at the Dharan Day Golf Championship held last week, his first championship game.

Dewan played 7 overs in the 18-hole game and even beat competitors with two hands.

Winner of the Championship Suman Rai said that Dewan’s game was good among amateur golfers.

Mani Rai, Dewan’s childhood friend and now considered one of the best professional golfers of Nepal said, “Dewan can become a good player if he continues playing.”

Well, nothing can stop a man who has the will to succeed against all odds. Birendra Dewan is a shining example.