Logan slays


Genre: Action and Adventure

Director: James Mangold

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant and Dafne Keen

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


It is the post-apocalyptic world where mutants are nearly gone, Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) are living under the radar on the border of Mexico. The alcoholic and weary Logan is looking after ailing Professor X as a chauffeur for hire, with the help of Caliban (Stephen Merchant). Their hideout comes to light when a young mutant Laura (Dafne Keen) comes in their life while the dark force scents them.

The final saga of Wolverine — third and final instalment of the Wolverine franchise — Logan is a superhero film redefined. It goes beyond the superpower of the mutants and saving the world — David James Kelly and James Mangold weave an honest and empathetic story of ageing and ailing against the background of coming off new-age mutants.

Logan is a flawed superhero. Rising above his inhibitions that is so genuine is what makes him a superhero of another league. This is the reason why Logan soars. Another compelling component of the film is the beautiful camaraderie between Logan and Professor X which gives an edge to the film.

Michael Green and Scott Frank and Mangold's screenplay is tight and crisp. And it is enhanced by Mangold's gripping and thrilling execution. He has helmed it with precision giving gritty and gory Logan with an undertone of melancholy — Logan is sublime despite the shrewd violence action and profane language used throughout the film.

As good as script of the film is the performance. Jackman owns the film with his nuanced performance of a weary Logan, torn between his demons and what is right. Stewart is not a mind reading Professor X here; he is an ailing mutant and he excels in his portrayal. Keen as a young mutant is a discovery of talent — she fights as good as she emotes.

Rousing background score and cinematography, Logan is a film to watch. But not for faint-hearted.

Special screening

A special screening of Logan was held at LABIM Mall, Pulchowk on March 2. It was organised by the film distributing company Apple Entertainment, the authorised distributor of films for Fox Studio and Sony in Nepal.