Women climbers say thanks


The Climbers Club had organised a press conference and review programme to mark the successful accent of Mount Everest by the First Inclusive Women Sagarmatha Expedition 2008 (FIWSE) on June 11 at Radisson. Various dignitaries from organisations that had supported FIWSE like Alok Sinha, Deputy Chief of Mission BP Koirala India-Nepal Foundation, Danish Ambassador Finn Thilsted and World Food Programme Country Director Richard Ragan among others attended the event.

Coordinator of FIWSE Susmita Maskey presented a slide show of the group’s journey and also acknowledged the support and help of all people who made their task of conquering the highest peak in the world possible. She also pointed out why they took on this task and what are their hopes after their success.

Along with women empowerment, she said, they took on this task to generate awareness about the effects of climate changes on Himalayas as well as to show the possibility of unity in diversity. Da Gombu Sherpa, President of Climbers Club also thanked all organisations and people who had provided support to FIWSE.