World Cup mania

Brazil is going to snatch the World Cup this time, too.”

“No! Germany will beat any best team. It’s the home ground.”

“What about France? Zidane is playing his last World Cup, and he will lift the title for France.”

There are many predictions, different ones, by football lovers about the coming World Cup. The best team should possess the team spirit to lift the cup.

Oliver Kahn is also playing his last World Cup and it is hoped he will repeat his previous heroic performance to make his team clinch the cup. Germany will be under tremendous pressure as it will be the home grounds and will have to perform its best.

Many football fans say there is a chance for Germany to lift the title, while there is a huge support for Brazil, which is considered the best team and is also the best team in the FIFA ranking.

Moreover, Brazil has great players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, among others. The team’s only weak point is that this team lacks the team combination as most players are playing in different clubs and lack the knowledge on speed and other skills of the other teammates.

Another formidable team is England and will be in Germany with stars like David Beckham. Italy and Argentina cannot be ignored nor can the Asian powerhouses.

All we can hope for is a thoroughly enjoyable World Cup with lots of matches that keep you glued in front of your television sets.