Write a winning letter

KATHMANDU: Wouldn’t you like to receive letters once in while from your old friends or your grandchildren or some forgotten uncle? Or don’t you think they would love to receive a letter (the old style in your own handwriting, not the email) from you?

Well, if you think so why don’t you write one? Or better still take part in a global letter writing competition on the theme ‘In this era of instantaneous communication, I am writing to tell you why it’s worth waiting for a letter’.

Organised by the International Pen Friends (IPF), there are four different age group categories for prizes — 8-14 years; 15-20 years; 21-60 years and 61 years and above — with prizes ranging from $25 to 100 in each category.

Entry is free to anyone who is an IPF member and for those who join IPF before the contest closing date of July 31, 2006.

For further details, log on to www.ipf.net.au

And there is still one more competition — The World Bank International Essay Writing Competition.

The contest demands essays on ‘Your practical ideas on — 1. How do you contribute to

solving community problems? or 2. How do you influence decision-making?’

The winner will be given $5,000 as prize with the runners up taking home $1,000.

The participants must be 18-25 years of age, only one entry per participant is allowed, essays should not be more than 4,000 words, and can only be submitted online in English, French or Spanish. The last date for submission is April 2, 2006.

(For further details, log on to www.essaycompetition.org)