Year’s wet months

Rainy days — this is the time when dark clouds hover around the sky and release heavy showers of rain. These are not ordinary water drops — these are golden drops that provide new life to this hungry, dry earth.

Poets start jotting down words that come from their hearts. The farmers sing plantation songs and plant paddy happily in the muddy fields with hopes to reap sweet fruits of labour.

The rivers start roaring and flow with magnificent speed. These rivers generate enough electricity to prevent loadshedding at least during rainy season.

But with heavy rains, there are high chances of floods and landslides. Many people and their property get buried under the ruthless mudslides. Outdoor games have to be postponed and we are confined to indoor games like chess, carrom and computer games.

The people of Kathmandu face shortage of clean water throughout the year. So why not take a chance and get soaked in the rain water?

If rainwater is collected and harvested properly, it will surely reduce the water shortage in every house. If effective methods are used to collect water, we will be able to tackle the problem of water shortage rather well.

Due to imbalance in environment and sudden climate changes, it sometimes rains early and sometimes late.

In order to solve this problem, we must be aware about the consequences of global warming and imbalance in ecosystem. We must join our hands to make our world pollution-free and a better place to live in.