Your life in Sudoku

The Sudoku game has taken the world by storm and become the most popular puzzle game, replacing for at least a little while, the famous crossword.

Although the rules and concept are very simple, the game could become diabolically complex. Similarly, life has some basic fundamental principles, expressed in nature, religion and organisations’ constitution. Despite these simple principles, one can very quickly get entangled in the whims of life. Is there any hope? Yes, the Sudoku may give us some insight into how to avoid some of these entanglements.

No short cuts

First, evaluate what you know and use it, don’t try to guess in order to find short cuts. With Sudoku games, short cuts almost always end up in “game over”. Similarly in life, short cuts, cheating, or trying to get ahead out of the scope of natural laws, ultimately always drives us into trouble.

Learn to play correctly

A good idea before even starting to play the game is to learn how to play it properly and even better than that, learn some proven strategies. Amazingly enough, most people play the game of life with their head in the sand. It always pays in the long run to seek advice, information and take some classes about the new subject that you are about to embark on.

Pay attention

Here is one of the most important rules in Sudoku. Pay attention to what you do. Since there are only nine numbers, it is easy to day-dream and get confused. In Sudoku, a short attention-span can also lead to “game over”. In all kinds of philosophies and religions, spiritual teachers and prophets have emphasised the need to live in the present moment and to enjoy and live life successfully. Focusing on anything else other than the present won’t lead you anywhere desirable.

Not going your way?

So what do you do when it is not working as expected? Getting upset about the game won’t help. In fact, it quite often makes it worse. If it is not working, leave it aside for a bit, take a break and come back with a fresh mind. Most of the time you will realise what went wrong and you will be able to reverse the downward spiral by making the necessary adjustments.

New strategies

As the level of difficulty rises, new strategies are necessary. The strategy of the easy levels is not sufficient to solve the challenges of the most difficult levels. Furthermore, when one reaches the most difficult level, strategies may not be enough anymore. At this critical moment, one has to listen, trust and follow their intuition. In life also, we sometimes reach a place where the mind is not sufficient to solve the challenges ahead. That is the best time to

rely on intuition and trust that it will turn out for the best.

Room for mistakes

And what if it is over? Mistakes are allowed. There are times that we screw up the game, a job, a relationship, a dream... Some people try again and again insisting on the same grid until it is completely confusing and unreadable. Some understand that it is just a game and move on finding another game. Remember it’s all about having fun. If you’re not having fun you probably are doing something wrong.

And you never know, you may come across the same grid later and solve it without any difficulty.

The whole picture

A good rule to keep in mind is every little square of nine can’t be solved by itself, you need to solve it within the context of the entire grid. Any situation or challenge can’t be solved on its own, but must be seen as part of a whole. Focusing only on one aspect of life like health, work, relationships or spirituality will only bring partial results. Life is a whole where every aspect needs to be integrated and balanced.

Last but not least, every game can be solved. With patience, courage and perseverance, life will reveal itself. Not yet convinced, try it for yourself! It is fun, relaxing and you may even learn something about your life. — Agencies