A house at Bhakimli of Beni Municipality-3 in Myagdi district was swept away by the swollen Dhudhe Khola today morning.

Meanwhile, 45 more houses are at risk of being swept away by Dudhe Khola rivulet.

The flood and landslide induced by monsoon rain also swept away the land at Chinakhet, Torakhet and Lareni as well as road and drinking water pipes. Some 700 metres of land in the human settlement was also destroyed due to the flood along with the livestock of the locals.

Also, the earthquake that occurred at 1:00 am this morning has put the locals at receiving end of having to stay in an unsafe space. They were compelled to shelter under the open sky in search of safe places after being ravaged by flood and quake, added local Om Bahadur Gharti Magar

Worse of all, since the roads were damaged and blocked due to landslide debris, locals in various parts of the district have been facing transportation difficulties.