Five fitness ideas to challenge YOU

Whether it’s general or specific - fitness is a must. More so, in today’s world where lifestyle is sedentary , foods are artificial, rich and easily available, exposure to artificial chemicals are huge, and stress is on the peak and quality of living is basically in jeopardy. Fitness is generally perceived as a mere weight loss tool, but in reality it goes much further and deeper. Fitness comprises of organized activities (exercise) with proper nutrients to fuel the activities, and rest to recover and recuperate. It optimises our bodily functions, improves physical and mental capacities, improves appearance, connects and nourishes the core of our being — makes us happier (literally). When you choose to get into a regular exercise regimen, you are actually choosing to invest yourself (time, emotion and money) towards a better you. Make this a conscious choice to get the most out of your investment. Here are five fitness programmes that deliver:

Kickboxing/Cardio: Kickboxing has been around for years and it is mainly practiced for competition and self defense. Kickboxing requires a practitioner to learn fighting movements such as kicks, punches, knees, blocks, evasion, footwork, counter, et cetera. Practitioners use shadow fighting, body weight exercises, light weights, pad work and bag work to improve their fitness and skill. Sparring drills and actual sparring is added when they are ready at the intermediate and advanced levels. Cardio kickboxing is a modified version of kickboxing. It was specially designed to introduce kickboxing to the general mass. Some trainers use aerobics style music choreographed with kickboxing steps and others run it like a normal kick boxing class without contact (sparring). The fighting aspect is soft drilled or removed completely.Benefit: great calorie burner, improves stamina, endurance, flexibility, co-ordination, skill.

Difficulty level: ***

Fight Shape: Fight shape is strength and conditioning programme designed to help the fighter/practitioner enhance their performance which is specific to their discipline (art). The exercises include both body weight drills and use of equipment. The programme is highly intensive including plyometrics, interval training, resistance training, functional fitness and calisthenics.

Difficulty level: ****

Power/Dynamic Yoga: Power yoga is one of the most demanding forms of yoga which requires the practitioner to move and merge from one posture to another. The movements are dynamic and needs to be performed with pin point precision. Power yoga equals to strength, speed, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, agility, concentration and more.

Difficulty level: **

Functional Fitness: Gone are the days when lifting weights was controlled by limited and monotonous movements. With the advent of functional fitness, you are allowed to move freely adding challenging movements to your routine. Functional fitness requires compound movement and incorporates everyday movements in the routine. It’s creative, challenging and a very effective fitness tool.

Difficulty level: ***

Muay Thai Fighting/Fitness: Muay Thai is a fighting art native to Thailand. Fitness is paramount in this effective martial discipline. The practitioners learn to use eight points of the limbs to defend and offend. It has a lot of cultural aspect to it and practiced with lot of reverence for the art. The class consists of warm up, shadow fighting, pad work, clinch and cool down. Once you learn the form, you learn to move


Difficulty level: ****

The author is a certified professional  fitness instructor, founder and master trainer at Rage Fitness and a fitness columnist who specialises in mixed  martial arts.