Could this be You?

I am 32 years old and have been rapidly gaining weight over the past year. I eat moderately and go on morning walks every day for 45 minutes. I consulted my doctor who advised some tests but the reports are normal. I have gained almost 14 kilos in this period. I was advised by a friend to consult you, but I do not live in Kathmandu so could not meet you personally. I am 5’4” tall and weigh 78 kgs. Please help me lose weight and stay healthy.

- One of the most important law governing our bodies is the’ LAW OF CAUSALITY’. It is extremely important to know and understand how and why (cause) you are gaining weight rapidly. Since all medical conditions have been ruled out, it is now time to think seriously about your lifestyle choices in relation to your health and fitness. What you eat, how you eat, the amount and type of physical activity you get every day. When you say you are eating moderately, the word itself could mean different things to different people.

Also the types of food you intake needs to be taken into serious consideration of whether it is compatible to your body type. Different individuals have different responses to the food they consume. Being on a diet means eating appropriately and consciously and not depriving yourself of food (nutrients). Plan a practical diet in advance and implement it consciously and continuously. Always look for healthier alternatives. You also need to take into account the timings and the conditions in which you are eating.

Walking as an exercise has low value in terms of weight loss. I advise you to meet a certified trainer to guide and create an exercise program that is specific to your body and weight loss goals. Make sure to include resistance training which will help strengthen, tone and boost your metabolism. However, do not stop what you are already doing before you meet a professional. I would also strongly suggest that you take a second opinion on your health status especially taking into account hormonal imbalances, the use of oral contraceptives, etc. Also you need to take into account your digestion, sleep pattern, stress levels… all of which can contribute to weight gain. I could provide you a general guideline, but a more specific approach is more suited to your situation.

A simple method to get you started would be to keep an activity and food diary for at least two weeks. Observe the patterns and you will get an indication of what could be the underlying causes. Meet a dietician and physical trainer who will then help you create a suitable program.

Good luck and stay motivated.

(The Author is a certified professional fitness instructor and master trainer at Rage Fitness and a fitness columnist who specialises in mixed martial arts.)