Why are you not improving your game?

Some say that golf can be really frustrating at times. You shoot around 80 consistently for a week and then suddenly your game falls apart and cannot break 90. And golf may be no fun anymore but you cannot stop trying again! Let us analyse what could possibly be the reason if you are not consistently improving.

Lack of knowledge: To improve in golf, you must know how to fade, draw, slice, hook or go straight. If you know how it can be done then only you will be in a place to do it right.

Believe in what you do: Most golfers know how to do it but often they do not trust their knowledge and ability. The moment one has doubts about the swing, good result is gone.

No golf lessons: Also most amateurs do not take golf lessons from professionals. If they are serious about improving their game, they should take lessons time and again. Without good coaching it may be difficult to improve


Not practicing properly: More than quantity of practice you need quality of practice. You should practice at areas that you are weak at. Most are seen practicing drives only at practice range. If you focus only on one side of the game or wrongly, you will only be wasting your time and energy.


Get a coach: Although books, magazines and videos have their place in learning, nothing can replace having a qualified swing coach. A good coach has spent years studying swing methods through instructor-based training and the observation of thousands of golf swings. This experience provides a filter to sort through all of the information. He can exactly tell you what you need to know, and how you will be able to apply it in your swing.

Fundamentals are important: When you practice remember to cross-check your fundamentals — grip, posture, stance, ball position, and alignment are key factors to produce a good shot. No matter how good a player you become, you need to concentrate on your basics so that your game will continuously improve.

No doubts: With my years of experience, I have seen players fail due to lack of confidence. You must trust your swing once you have decided to make a stroke. The moment you doubt, chances of missing the shot is over 95 per cent. The perfect example can be, if you are hitting over the water let us say 160 yards, if you doubt your swing the ball will end up in the water no matter what club you use. So it is very important to trust your swing to produce good results.

Apply the above instruction in practice, you will begin to see the difference in your game!