1,381 punished for polluting rivers in four year's time

KATHMANDU: Around 1400 people have been fined for fly tipping  over a four year period of cleanup campaign in the Kathmandu Valley.

During the period, 1,381 including lawmakers faced action for throwing garbage into the rivers or on the river banks, said Spokesperson for the Bagmati Cleanup Mega Campaign Umesh Bohara.

A total of RS  2.9 million was collected in fine, he added. So far 10,845 metric tonnes of garbage were collected from various rivers in the Valley.

Tilganga Eye Hospital also faced action for encroaching upon public land, said the Bagmati cleanup campaign member.

Meanwhile, 41 metric tonnes of waste have been extracted today from the rivers in the Valley and Ring Road area under the Bagmati cleanup campaign that entered its 216th week today.

Approximately, 550 people from various walks of life including  Bagmati cleanup campaign goodwill ambassador, Manisha Koirala, former secretaries Krishna Chandra Poudyal and Kishor Thapa took part in the programme today.