160 kg contaminated sweets destroyed in Bhaktapur

BHAKTAPUR: A market inspection team from the Bhaktapur District Administration Office (DAO) today destroyed 160 kilogram sweets and delicacies after they were found contaminated with inedible materials, and for being polluted with insects and posing health hazards.

The team made surprise visits to various sweet stores and found delicacies polluted with ants and flies. The delicacies including Lal Mohan,

The sweets were found to have been already invaded by ants, flies, moths and cockroaches during the inspection at Binayak Mithai Bhandar at Kamal Binayak of Bhaktapur Municipality-4 after which the polluted sweets were destroyed, according to Shanker Bhandari of the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control.

Bhandari added that the store had not even complied with minimum standards of a sweets store.

The same team also took under control sweets mixed with inedible colours from Shakya Mithai Store at Kamal Binayak.

Meanwhile, the inspection team censured the owners of Kafle Mithai Bhandar and Laxmi Mithai Bhandar for not keeping price index, for non-registration at Inland Revenue Office and for not verifying the weighing scales.