2 student unions clash over Guru Purnima celebration

BHAKTAPUR: Tension ran high amongst the teachers and students at the Sanothimi Campus and Bhaktapur campus in Bhaktapur today, when students from the two colleges clashed over the Guru Purnima celebration held on July 31.

In earlier brawl, the All Nepal National Free Student's Union (ANNFSU) and All Nepal National Free Student's Union Revolutionary (ANNFSUR) had fought tooth and nail, leading to the halt of the classes in the both colleges.

In today's clash, the ANNFSUR cadres not only obstructed the teaching learning activities in the Sanothimi Campus but also broke its four computers as an act of revenge.

The bone of the contention was the issue of Guru Purnima celebration organised by the ANNFSUR close to the UML which was opposed by the cadres of the ANNFSUR close to the CPN-Maoist, according to the Sanothimi Campus Chief Nar Prasad Thapa.

Both of the campuses authorities are trying to resolve the issue and resume the halted classes from tomorrow by calling the both agitating student unions for talk.