248 quake-damaged govt buildings reconstructed

Kathmandu, December 28

Two hundred forty eight quake-damaged government buildings have been reconstructed so far.

National Reconstruction Authority, a government body responsible for post-quake rebuilding, stated that 415 buildings housing government offices were damaged in the 2015 earthquakes.

According to NRA, 145 such buildings are under construction, and the construction of 22 buildings has not even started yet. NRA joint-spokesperson Manohar Ghimire said 60 per cent of the quake-damaged government buildings had been reconstructed till date and the target was to rebuild 75 per cent of such buildings by the end of this fiscal.

“The goal is to complete the reconstruction of 90 per cent quake-damaged government buildings in the fiscal 2018/2019 and all the 415 buildings in fiscal 2019/2020,” Ghimire shared. The earthquake had completely damaged 162 government buildings while causing partial damage to 253 buildings.

Meanwhile, NRA has so far reconstructed 103 of the 383 quake-damaged buildings of security bodies. It stated that 102 such buildings are under reconstruction. One hundred and seventy-eight buildings are yet to be rebuilt.

The 2015 earthquakes had damaged 204 buildings of the Nepali Army, 139 buildings of Nepal Police, 31 buildings of Armed Police Force and nine buildings of National Investigation Department. The tepid progress in post-quake recovery is evident by thousands of physical infrastructure that were levelled by the tremors still waiting to be rebuilt and majority of households affected by the calamity yet to receive  government grant.