3 smugglers arrested

Kathmandu, July 7:

Ward Police Office, Thankot, on Friday arrested three persons for smuggling narcotic drugs to the capital. Arabinda Pandey, 19, was arrested with 3,000 pieces of drug injections while he was travelling in a bus to Kathmandu from Bara. Police also arrested Gauri Nepali of Thankot for whom the drug had been brought.

The police arrested Nanda Lal Gurung, 48, with several bottles of liquid drugs when he was coming from Narayangadh to Kathmandu. On Thursday, a police team from the Narcotic Drug Control Law Enforcement Unit held Jaya Bahadur Gole with 21 grams of heroin at Chaksipati.

The same day, police from the Lalitpur arrested Rajan Chaudhari of Sanepa on the charge of raping a five-year-old girl.