300 VAW cases registered with NWC in three months

Kathmandu, April 3

Despite efforts from various governmental and non governmental bodies, cases of violence against women are on the rise in the country.

Domestic violence, physical assault on women, sexual harassment, rape and torture, among other forms of violence, have become everyday incidents in the country.

According to National Women Commission, 300 cases of violence against women were registered through the helpline service in the last three months, whereas, in the year 2017, only 350 cases were registered with the commission.

Thirty-five-year-old Hira (name changed) registered a complaint with NWC about a month ago against her husband for torturing her physically and sexually. She said that her husband used to watch porn videos and force her to do what was shown in those videos. If she refused and expressed her inability to do so, her husband would beat her badly.

Mandira (name changed), a 13-year-old girl, was raped by her own father in her house. As a result, she got pregnant and the NWC rescue team helped her to abort the four-month-old foetus. Now, the girl has been sent to a rehabilitation centre and she has also joined school.

Palita Thapa, project manager at National Women Commission, informed that cases of VAW were on the rise. More women are becoming victims of domestic violence. Of the total plaints registered with the NWC, 96pc were related to domestic violence, while four per cent were related to rape and attempt to rape.

After launching helpline service in December 2017, as many as 20,640 phone calls were recorded through the helpline service. Of which, 10,730 were missed calls, 5,300 were blank calls and 2,949 were information calls. Thapa also said that more than 100 cases had been referred to the court for legal procedure.