600 fake quake victims avail of relief amount meant for genuine quake victims

BHAKTAPUR: At least 600 fake earthquake victims have reportedly received relief amounts meant for genuine quake survivors in the district.

The revelation follows complaints from local people with the District Administration Office to this effect.

Chief District Officer Toyam Raya said that they have been informed that 600 fake earthquake victims have availed of the relief amount so far after getting the red identity cards, meant to be given to each family whose house has been completely damaged by the April 25 earthquake, by producing fake documents.

Meanwhile, the municipalities in the district have issued a public notice, asking those fake earthquake victims, who availed of the relief amounts, to return the amount they have got through illegal means, within seven days, or face action.

Raya said that they would take action against those flouting the notice.

He, however, said that eight of those fake quake victims, who availed of the relief amounts, have returned the amounts so far. CDO Raya said other fake quake victims have started following suit.