6th Nepal Property Expo 2017 begins

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Property Expo 2017 kicked off at Bhrikutimandup on April 7. It is being organised by Nepal and Housing Developer’s Association (NLHDA), Department of Urban Development and Building Construction and Kathmandu Valley Development Authority.

President Bidhyadevi Bhandari inagurated the event disseminating information about housing and building construction. “Our Constitution has already provisioned the right to habitat for all citizens of Nepal. However, we have failed to provide homes to every citizen. I would like to appeal to all concerned to implement the right to habitat for every citizen,” she said.

By presenting the fact that the increment in the number of homeless citizens (due to the earthquake in 2015) and decreasing statistics of their income source, she asserted, “While constructing houses and physical infrastructure, sources and medium available locally should be utilised.”

President of NLHDA, Ichha Raj Tamang claimed that the apartments and house developers are conscious about making houses as per the standard and rules pertaining to house construction provisioned by the government. He said, “The house and apartment developers have huge roles in contributing to the revenue of the country. However, we are facing problems in selling the apartments due to lack of provision in the rules by the government. I’d suggest the government think over legalising the provision of transaction of apartments.”

There are 120 stalls featuring different designs of houses, plans and development of land, construction materials, engineering consultants, electronic materials and so on at the three-day event.