88 Lalitpur shrines in dire straits

Lalitpur, November 22:

Of 2,165 cultural heritages in Lalitpur sub-Metropolitan City (LMC), 88 of them need renovation, a recent survey conducted in June/July by LMC said. The survey has prepared an inventory that has documented status of cultural heritages such as temples, courtyards, stone spouts, churches, Jain temple, and ponds. The survey revealed that 22 of the over 300 heritages in Ward no 18, the highest among all the wards, need renovation. Ward no 1 has only 6 heritages and none of them need renovation.

Saubhagya Pradhanaga, officer of Culture and Archaeology Section, Lalitpur sub-Metropolitan City said, “Classification of these heritages will help formulate programmes in future on the basis of their urgency, historical, archaeological, religious and cultural importance.” This programme is part of the programme of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation programme to prepare a complete inventory of important heritages in the five municipalities in Kathmandu Valley.