The Advocacy Forum Nepal has urged the bodies concerned to take initiatives in order to resolve the problems seen in the judiciary in a sustainable manner.

A press release issued today by Forum Chair and senior advocate, Hari Prasad Subedi, demanded the arrangement of clear rules and process not to let repeat such incident in future by searching the solution of existing problem of judiciary in a legal way.

The Forum determines that bodies concerned including lawmakers, government and judicial council should take initiatives to resolve the stalemate of the judiciary.

It also asked to carry out investigation of all types of question raised upon judges in a transparent and reliable manner, and to implement the suggestions of high-level probe committee formed by the Supreme Court to investigate the anomalies and aberrations of the judiciary in letter and spirit.

"The comments made over the issue of judges and judiciary have spoiled the trust upon judges and prestige of judiciary and maintaining judicial good governance is essential for rule of law, guarantee of justice and institutional development of democracy as well as strengthening of principle of separation of powers", reads the statement.