Advocates urge to end impunity

KATHMANDU: Advocates, at a programme organised in Kathamandu on Friday, urged different jurisprudents to address impunity cases during the transitional and the general period.

Laxman Prasad Aryal, coordinator of the drafting committee of Interim Constitution, demanded for the provision of ending impunity in a sustainable way in the constitution to be drafted. He stressed the need for specific rules and regulation regarding the transitional and the general situation in the country.

Speaking at a programme, organised to address impunity under rights regarding 'Justice in the new constitution', Mr. Aryal said that the new constitution should have a clear provision for discouraging impunity in the society.

Rabindra Bhattarai, an advocate, said that the government should investigate impunity cases and revise the study reports on past cases. He stressed on the need for government to be responsible and to develop a specific mechanism for monitoring impunity cases.

Advocate Bhandari emphasised that the final date should be based on the nature of the cases and that should be revised in the cases against humanity and human rights. The regular cases of abduction and disappearance should be renamed as 'continuous crime' and should have legal provision against such crimes in the constitution.He further shared that there should be legal provision of regretting, apologising and pardon for providing legal remedies to the victims.

Dinesh Tripathee, another advocate, opined that in most of the war affected countries, there is specific jurisprudence for the specific time period and demanded for the same in our country too. "If government is unable to provide the transitional justice, then it would surely be unable to provide democratic justice afterwards," advocate Tripathee argued.

He urged for bringing perpetrators, who had committed crime during the past ,within the boundary of rule of law. He warned that if they are not punished at the time, country may fall into the vicious circle of impunity.