Agitators appeased, CTEVT lockout ends

Thimi, December 23:

Nepal Dental Science Association (NDSA), a group of dental science students, today opened the lock at the main gate of Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in Sanothimi and its regional office in Pokhara.

NDSA agreed to open the lock after the management committed in writing to fulfil the demands by January 6. A meeting held between the CTEVT management and NDSA has also formed a taskforce to pressurise the concerned bodies and monitor the developments.

Michel Devkota, president of NDSA, told The Himalayan Times, “We have got the support of various employees’ unions at CTEVT and the security personnel as well. Therefore, we are hopeful that our demands will be met in the stipulated period this time.”

The taskforce comprises Kamaal Ahamed, member secretary of CTEVT, Gopal Man Shrestha, the centre’s administrative chief, Daakurnath Parajuli, union representative, Ramesh Kumar Bakhati from the Information and Monitoring Division and Michel Devkota.

Devkota said, “Formation of the faculty board will be undertaken by the management while upgrading the curriculum will be done by CTEVT.” “The new taskforce will create pressure on ministries and other concerned bodies in order to get the demands such as fifth level quota in government hospitals for the dental science graduates,”he added.