Agro scientists deserting country

KATHMANDU: Dearth of opportunities at home has led a staggering number of agro-scientists to search greener pastures abroad.

As many as 60 agro-scientists of the National Agriculture Research Council have reportedly left the country in search of better opportunities abroad.

Similarly, unhealthy atmosphere in the workplace has reportedly led to another 24 agro-scientists at NARC to tender their resignation. “The trend of making political appointments, instead of appointing staffs on the basis of merit has discouraged many a promising scientists,” said an agricultural expert.

Since its establishment some 17 years ago, NARC

has seen as many as18 executive directors.The agro-scientists dub NARC as a political recruitment centre. They claim that about 40 per cent staffs in the research body are politically appointed.

Senior scientist and spokesperson for the NARC, Dr Krishna Prasad Paudel, attributed the mass exodus of agro-scientists to rising political intervention.

Dr Poudel said the government had failed to create conducive working environment in the country.

“It is because of the government’s lack of concern that many promising scientists are leaving the country for good.”

Chairman of the agro-scientist society Dr Hira Kaji Manandhar maintained that the recruitment of professionals at the agricultural research body should be made through the Public Service Commission so as to avoid political interference.