All-party meet to sort out garbage row

KATHMANDU: An all party meeting will be held on Sunday to resolve the garbage disposal row continuing since the last three days. Garbage disposal was obstructed after Okharpauwa locals blocked the KMC trucks from reaching the landfill site.

"We held talks with the locals today and they agreed to allow the trucks to enter the landfill site," said Dr Sumitra Amatya, general manager at the Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilisation Centre (SWMRMC). "We will send trucks in the morning and sit for the meeting in the afternoon."

A group of six people led by Shyam Sundar Balami had visited the SWMRMC on Tuesday and put forth 40-point demand.

Amatya said that they could not meet the demands of the locals. "Everything will be undertaken in accordance with the master plan.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Local Development will decide on their demands after the formation of the new government," she said, adding, only the concerned ministers would be able to address their demands.

An interaction was held today between the representatives of the local community, SWMRMC and KMC. A majortiy of locals agreed to not to hinder the garbage dumping process, said Shaligram Rijal, under-secretary and assistant executive at the KMC.