Allegations levelled against Bamjan refuted

Kathmandu, December 29

Officials of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha, a religious organisation led by Ram Bahadur Bamjan, a self-styled ‘Buddha Boy’, have refuted all allegations against Bamjan.

Bamjan has been accused of disappearing four persons from his Bara-based ashram and raping a number of ‘nuns’ working in his ashrams in various districts. Family members of those missing people have also filed a complaint with police in Bara, Makawanpur and Nuwakot districts, demanding a thorough investigation to find the whereabouts of their dear ones.

Organising a press meet today, the officials of BSDS, said the accusations were completely baseless.

Family members of the missing persons at a press meet yesterday had said they had gone to the Bara-based Bamjan’s ashram to become nuns. But, BSDS Spokesperson Mani Lama said that the missing persons could be among the thousands of followers who came to the ashram seeking Bamjan’s blessings.

Lama had been elected as a member of the Parliament from Taplejung in the 1994 election from the Nepali Congress. He was appointed state minister for health and population by former King Gyanendra in 2005. The NC had later expelled him from the party.

Sanchalal Waiba of Makawanpur, who is said to be last seen at Bamjan’s ashram in Bara, is reported missing for the last four years. Fulmaya Rumba of Hetauda, who was called ‘Dolmo’ in the ashram, is reported missing for the last four years from Sindhupalchowk-based ashram. Similarly,  Karma Tamang  of Nuwakot, also known as Chunmo in the ashram, is reported missing for the last seven years from the Sindhuli-based Bamjan’s ashram. And Suresh Aalemagar, a follower of Bamjan who returned home after the 2015 earthquake, was taken back to the ashram by Bamjan’s followers and he has not returned home since.

Ganga Maya, who had served at various ashrams of Bamjan for several years, accused Bamjan of being a paedophile. She said that she, along with dozens of young girls, had become a victim of the self-styled ‘Buddha Boy’.  Supporters of Bamjan refused to talk about her allegations.