KATHMANDU: Police said they arrested two youth in possession of 302 gram amphetamine, a nervous system stimulant, from Battisputali of Kathmandu on Tuesday. This is the first case that Nepali police seized amphetamine being smuggled in the nation. The seized drug is worth Rs 9.06 million in the international market, according to police. Netra Gurung (26) and Chitra Tamang (21), permanent residents from Satyadevi-8 of Dhading district, currently residing in Tokha-15 of Kathmandu, were arrested from near the Golden Gate International College, KMC-9 two days ago. A team deployed from the Narcotics Control Bureau had nabbed the duo in possession of the drug hidden in toys, suitcases and various packaging. Police said the suspects had landed in Kathmandu from Bangkok on Monday. Preliminary investigations revealed that Gurung was involved in a racket that would smuggle drugs from Thailand to various nations including the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.