A student casting her vote during the Free Student Union election at Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, in Kathmandu, on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Photo: Balkrishna Thapa Chhetri/THT

KATHMANDU: The panel of the CPN-UML-aligned All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU), led by Tapendra Bahadur Shahi, has emerged victorious in the Free Student Union (FSU) election held at the Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus on Tuesday.

Shahi won the position the FSU President after garnering 699 votes, the Election Officer Hari Parajuli informed.

The vote counting had concluded late night Tuesday. Total 1,276 votes were cast.

Nepali Congress-affiliated Nepal Student Union's Utttam Bahadur Saud was restricted to 367 votes.

Meanwhile, Narayan Sharma and Sangam Devkota were elected the Secretary and Treasurer respective. Both of them belong to the ANNFSU.

Likewise, Madan Bhandari, Deepak Khatiwada, Ujwol Neupane, Janak Shahi, Dinesh Bajgain, Shyam BK, Sujata Dhakal and Urbar Singh were elected the members.

Vice-President, Joint Secretary and eight other members would be elected under the Proportional Representation category.

Earlier, All Nepal National Independent Students Union-Revolutionary did not take part in the election.