ANNISU-R folk playing Deusi for republic

Kathmandu, November 8:

With an aim to publicise the political agendas of the CPN (Maoist), the All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (Revolutionary) — ANNISU-R — launched a three-day Deusi-Bhailo programme in the capital from today.

A central committee member of the CPN (Maoist) and in-charge of the Newa Rajya Samiti, Hit Man Shakya, and general secretary of the ANNISU-R, Himal Sharma, inaugurated the programme amid a function.

Addressing the inaugural function, Shakya said cultural transformation is essential. “The Deusi-Bhailo programme will make people aware of the political agenda of the Maoist —the formation of a republic,” he said.

Sharma said the programme aims to raise awareness among the people about the political agendas of the Maoist party, especially the formation of a republic, besides collecting donation for the students’ movement.

Last year, the ANNISU-R had collected Rs 1.5 million through the Deusi-Bhailo programme and they expect to collect no less this time.

Office secretary of the ANNISU-R Ratna Dhakal said the ANNISU-R will utilise certain per cent of the collected money, while the rest will go to the party. “We are going to the houses of various distinguished figures of the country,” he said.

Today, a 400-member team of the union, which included a 40-member cultural troupe from the Sen-Chyang Cultural Group and members of the Young Communist League, went to the houses of actor Shiva Shrestha, businessman Shushil Kedia and an officer of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to play Deusi-Bhailo. Four buses have been hired for transporting members of the Deusi-Bhailo team. The members of the YCL were included for security of the team.

Unlike other Deusi-Bhailo programmes, this team presents Janabadi (pro-people) songs and dances besides singing songs reflecting contemporary political developments in a traditional way.