Apex court moved challenging directive to PSC

Kathmandu, June 16

Advocate Rajaram Ghimire today filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court, challenging State Affairs and Good Governance Committee’s directive to Public Service Commission to withdraw its process of recruiting over 9,000 staffers at local levels.

The petitioner has named the SAGGC as defendant, among others.  The House of Representatives panel had also told the Ministry of Federal

Affairs and General Administration to hire staff at local levels on contract basis, till permanent staff were appointed. The petitioner argued that there was no provision in the constitution to appoint temporary staff in any tier of the government and hence the HoR panel’s directive to PSC was unlawful.

He said if the SAGGC’s directive was followed, it would pave the way for political parties to hire their own cadres at local levels.  According to the petitioner 75,000 applicants had applied for jobs at local levels, and 25,000 more applicants were expected to apply. He argued SAGGC’s decision was against the Employees Adjustment Act.