Arrangements in final stage for HoR, NA sessions

Kathmandu, February 8

The Parliament Secretariat said it was ready to conduct the meetings of the House of Representatives and National Assembly as all necessary preparations for the purpose had been completed.

According to Joint Secretary at the Parliament Secretariat Suraj Kumar Dura, furniture arrangements for meetings of both the Houses of Parliament were in the final stage and the main hall (Sagarmatha) of International Convention Centre in New Baneshwor previously arranged to adjust 601-member Constitution Assembly had been arranged for 275 HoR members. The hall was previously used by the Constituent Assembly and later by the legislature-parliament.

The main hall of ICC would also be used for joint meetings of the Houses during special events. Dura also informed that the secretariat had managed 380 seats considering joint sessions and seats for journalists, audience and staffers.

The secretariat has chosen blue colour for the floor and the furnishing of the House of Representatives. Likewise, the National Assembly is decorated with red carpet. The Parliament Secretariat needs 100 more staffers to conduct both the Houses, said Dura, adding,“We have asked the Public Service Commission for additional staffers.”

The secretary of the House of Representatives will head business department and legal department which will handle the attendance, distribution of materials to lawmakers, manage questions raised by lawmakers and even translate documents.  Legal department will handle all  matters relating to the bills and other legal documents.  The bills section, where the government resisters bill, has been kept under this department.

The secretariat has proposed four committees in the House of Representatives — Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee, Impeachment Motion Recommendation Committee, Committee relating to state affairs and committee relating to privilege of the Parliament. The number of committees will depend on the decision of the newly elected Parliament. There will be similar kinds of business related sections under the secretary for National Assembly. The secretariat has not proposed any committees for the upper house.

National Assembly meetings will be held in ICC’s Nuptse Hall  having 75 seats, which will be divided into three rows.