Artistes and composers to be provided ID cards

KATHMANDU: Nepal Academy of Music and Drama will be issuing identity cards to the artistes, writers and composers involved in music and drama genre.

The Academy gave this information at a news conference held in the Capital on Sunday.

The Academy has prepared a guideline for this with the approval of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and would be distributing the identity cards to the artistes, writers and composers accordingly.

Academy vice-chancellor Shambhujeet Banskota said, “The artistes, writers and composers are being provided with the identity cards as a token of respect to them in recognition of the unparalleled contribution they have made to the society and the nation from their respective fields.”

Vice-chancellor Banskota said the Academy would issue the identity cards to lyricists, music composers, folk songs collectors, singers, music conductors, musical instrument players, dancers, dramatists, play directors, choreographers and actors.

The Academy believes that issuance of ID cards would help identify, maintain a record of and honour the artistes, writers and composers.