Asia Pacific Summit: NCP leader Rawal seeks govt accountability

KATHMANDU: Senior leader of ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Bhim Rawal has said that the government must act responsibility in matters related to organisation of the Asia Pacific Summit being held here in the capital.

"The government and the party cannot be used (mobilised) for vested interests of any individual or a private organisation," the former minister had tweeted this afternoon.

"National interest must be kept in mind and diplomatic protocol must be maintained while thinking of the outcome. The organisers of the event that is being held in the name of peace must tell the public about how the expenses will be met. If not, the government must find out and reveal the sources," Rawal further stated.

कुनै व्यक्ति र निजी संस्थाको निहित स्वार्थमा सरकार र पार्टीको दुरुपयोग गर्न मिल्दैन । राष्ट्रीय हित र कुटनीतिक मर्यादा र परिणामको हेक्का राख्नु परयो । शान्तिको नाममा सम्मेलन गर्नेहरूले यत्रो पैसा कति कहाँबाट आयो जनतालाई भन्नु पर्छ । नभने सरकारले खोजेर भन्नु पर्छ ।

— Bhim Rawal (@BhimRawal179) November 30, 2018

The summit that is being organised here in the capital on December 1-2 has run into controversy of sorts ever since it came to the public's notice that the event is being co-hosted by Nepal government in association with Universal Peace Federation (UPF), an INGO which promotes one religion and is accused of proselytism.

Prior to this, the main opposition party Nepali Congress had accused the government of co-hosting the event with UPF, slamming this as an unconstitutional act from the government of a secular country.