Bagmati bridge swept away

KATHMANDU: Flash floods triggered by torrential rain Sunday swept away a makeshift bridge above the Bagmati River linking Old Baneshwor and Sinamangal.

The one-way diversion was constructed last year to temporarily continue the vehicular traffic soon after the decade-old concrete bridge slid down due to the impact of extreme sand-mining and erosion in the foundation pillars.

The roadlink leading to and from Sinamangal and Old Baneshwor was cut off since 4 am and motorists had no option but to pass through various thoroughfares to reach their destination following the collapse. The flood also washed away a few huts of squatters downstream. However, no casualties were reported.

"The rainwater overflooded the diversion leading to collapse. Had the authorities paid enough heed to the fragile diversion, we wouldn't have borne the brunt of vehicular disruption now", said a local resident.

Officials of Kathmandu Metropolitan City are making the needful initiatives to construct a new diversion before they push ahead with a more permanent solution.