Bejewelled bait to nab jewel thieves

KATHMANDU;An innovative approach to capturing criminals is in the making for the Kathmandu Valley which has recently witnessed to a flurry of crimal acitivities.

As the strategy goes, women volunteers adorned with gold ornaments will now roam around the city thoroughfares luring robbers with gold-plated ornaments.

The police have already mobilised 100 women adorned with jewelries who will attract thieves and robbers, thereby helping law enforcement agencies catch them red-hand. He said that the strategy has already been proving successful. “Women are instrumental in helping the police fight criminal activities. I salute their courage,” Silwal said.

“It’s like catching fish with earthworms in the fishhook,” SP Nawa Raj Silwal, in-charge of Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka told The Himalayan Times. The police believe that women decorated in ornaments such as gold chain become attractive to criminals and robbers.

Silwal said the new innovative approach to crime control was aimed at making the Kathmandu Valley free of criminals and crimes. Silwal applauded the role being played by women volunteers notwithstanding the risks the new strategy involves.

Citing the case of a robbery in Pinglasthan, Gaushala, Silwal said a squad of plainclothesmen in association with a woman volunteer today caught teenagers Ravin Tamang (18) and Sabin Rai (19) of Sunsari along with a Pulsar motorcycle red-handed. The duo attempted snatching a gold-plated necklace from the neck of the volunteer. The police also held motorbike owner Pradeep Lama, a resident of Bhimsengola in the incident. Meanwhile, the police caught Prakash Rai (21), a student of Intensive International College and Shakti Pujari (19), a resident of Swoyambhu, while they were fleeing on a motorbike after snatching a chain from Sharada Khanal, 52.