BHAKTAPUR: The Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur, has brought a one-year strategic work plan to maintain peace and security in the district.

Superintendent of Police Kiran Rana informed that the campaign would help maintain peace and security, curb criminal activities, intimidation and threats, control contraband smuggling and trafficking, minimise road accidents and to take preventive measures in the event of natural disasters, curtail theft, financial crime, extortion and black market trading in the district.

SP Rana said the authorities had also planned to carry out daily checking at the hotels, lodges and guest houses to stop flesh trade.

In order to streamline the efficiency of the district's security management, the district would be divided and teams would be mobilised under the command of senior police officials.

Metropolitan Police Range spokesperson Deputy Superintendent of Police Krishna Prasai shared that the police would create a list of gangsters and initiate necessary action.

Police would also launch public awareness programmes on drug abuse and collect as much information as possible by expanding the relation with the civilians.