Bibeksheel Nepali and Sajha Party declare unification

KATHMANDU: Bibeksheel Nepali and Sajha Party have declared their unification on Wednesday.

The unified party will be called Bibeksheel Sajha Party. Sajha Party's Rabindra Mishra and Bibeksheel Nepali's Milan Pandey have jointly signed the declaration of unification.

As per the declaration, Mishra will hold the position of party chair while Pandey will be the party coordinator. There will be a 130-member central committee of the party with 65 members from each side.

The unification was declared through a virtual programme this afternoon. The party, which was one before, had split in early 2019.

विवेकशील नेपाली दल र साझा पार्टीबीचको एकताबाट निर्मित विवेकशील साझा पार्टीको घोषणा कार्यक्रमको प्रत्यक्ष प्रशारणको लिन्क।

— Rabindra Mishra (@RabindraMishra) December 9, 2020