Bibeksheel Sajha Party appoints Samikshya Baskota as province 3 coordinator

KATHMANDU: Bibeksheel Sajha Party has appointed Samikshya Baskota as party coordinator of province 3, on Friday.

34-year-old Baskota, who contested in earlier provincial elections from Kathmandu-1 (A) in province 3, is an undergrad from Kathmandu School of Law.

Later, Baskota went to the United States of America and earned her maters degree in Law from St. John University. She then worked there for few years under 'Dean Fellow' before returning to Nepal.

After returning to Nepal in 2010, Baskota started teaching profession for few years, engaged in family business, legal practice and at times lend her hand in social causes.

"My family background helped me to believe that politics is the right means to make immense contribution for extended development of the nation," Baskota shared.

Bibeksheel Sajha Party's parliamentary leader and spokesperson of province 3 said, "It's a privilege to have Baskota, who is young, dynamic, highly educated, capable and energetic person, as coordinator of the province."