Bibeksheel Sajha Party cadres arrested

Kathmandu, June 30

Police today arrested cadres of Bibeksheel Sajha Party for staging a protest at Maitighar Mandala, a prohibited zone.

They had been demanding that the government lift restriction on holding protest at Maitighar Manadala, which has become a popular site for holding protests and rallies.

“While the country saw major political movements start from this place, we clearly see this new rule as an  autocratic movement, which shows that the government does not want to  hear people’s voice,” said the party’s coordinator Rabindra Mishra.

Mishra had reached the protest site after police arrested six members of the party, including coordinator Ujjwal Thapa and central member Sashi Bikram Karki.

Khula Manch, Tinkune Khula Chaur (Thinkune), Bhuinkhel Chaur (Bhaganpau), playground (Pepsicola), football ground (Sano Gaucharan), open space

in front of Social Welfare Council (Lainchaur) and Siphal Chaur (Gaushala) have been designated as protest zones in Kathmandu.

Similarly, six protest zones have been designated in Lalitpur and one in Bhaktapur.

A Bibeksheel Sajha Party cadre being arrested during a protest at Maitighar, in Kathmandu, on Saturday.