Bir Hospital starts ‘Fibroscan’ service for liver patients

Kathmandu, June 18

Bir Hospital has started using ‘fibroscan’ machine for liver patients from today. The machine is used to measure stiffness of the liver.

According to hospital sources, the machine, the first of its kind in government hospitals and medical colleges, is fully automatic and computerised.

“Till now, stiffness of the liver was measured with biopsy, which can only be done twice in a life-time. This service can be used repeatedly and has ended difficulties in treating liver diseases,” said Dr Anil Kumar Mishra, Head of Department at Liver Unit, Bir Hospital. The machine is helpful in finding the level of stiffness in the liver and will be beneficial for both doctors and patients to find out whether liver transplant is necessary or can be treated with medication.

This fibroscan machine is used to assess hardness and stiffness of the liver. “It will reveal about how much working capacity of the liver has failed. It will be easy for treating liver diseases. We now don’t need to get a biopsy done to find the amount of stiffness in the liver. There were complications in biopsy too,” said Dr Mishra.

The machine will also help find the amount of fat in the liver. “Early diagnosis of fatty liver will help prevent fibrosis. Fatty liver is increasing in the people these days. It will be help in treatment.” added the doctor. The service is available on Wednesdays and Fridays and is available for Rs 3,000.