Blood collection up this year

Kathmandu, July 28:

The collection of blood has gone up by 20 per cent till this month compared to the corresponding figures last year. Around 102,530-units of blood have been collected, while last year only 82,677-units of blood were collected.

“Compared to previous years, the collection of blood is satisfactory but we have to go a long way to achieve the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation to have enough blood in stock,” said Dr Manita Raj Karnikar, director of the Nepal Red Cross Society (NCRS), Central Blood Transfusion Service (CBTS).

“The collection of blood has gone up drastically this year but still we fall short by one per cent as standard set by the World Health Organisation (WHO),” said Dr Raj Karnikar. The NCRS, Central Blood Transfusion Service today celebrated its 40th anniversary at a programme.

As per World Health Organisation research, if at least two per cent of the total population donate blood, the shortage of blood can be avoided, she said.

“The consistency of blood donation along with well preserving system will help to meet the World Health Organisation recommendation,” said Dr Raj Karnikar.

According to Nepal Red Cross Society, Central Blood Transfusin Service, of the total blood donors 88.8 per cent were male and 11.2 percent female and a total of 33,552 volunteers donated blood.

Besides, that 250 haemophiliac patients have been receiving blood component F-VIII and F-IX. It is estimated that there are around 2,000 haemophiliac patients in the country.