Body donation for research and education increasing

DAMAK: The number of people donating their body after death for research and academic purpose has been increasing of late.

The initiative that was taken by Mechi Cooperatives Institute in Damak of Jhapa district around 13 years ago is gradually gaining its momentum.

One of the oldest financial institutions of the district, the Cooperatives had started eye donation and body donation

It had formally started with the then President of the Cooperatives Ganesh Bahadur Basnet expressing his wish to donate his body after death. “Then many followed suit. The number of people wishing to donate their body after death has increased after coming to know about the utility of the body even after death,” said Khom Prasad Thapa, manager of the cooperatives.

So far, 89 persons have registered their names after filling up the wish form to donate their bodies. Majority of them are residents of Damak Municipality.

After the death of the wishful body donor, the body is received to the Cooperatives, which in turn hands over to the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences and other medical institutes for research and study.

Likewise, 201 people have expressed and registered their intent to donate their eyes after death. "Initially there was a lot of hesitation as it was perceived to be against the culture and tradition too, but people's mentality is gradually changing and the number of donors is increasing,” added Thapa.

Though it is a matter of one's right, we also make sure that it does not become a matter of family dispute in the future, Bhattarai said. The cooperatives hence take a written consent from the wishful donors.

After the death of the aspirant donor, the cooperative is informed and the concerned medical institutes receive the body from it. After the body is taken away, the bereaved family performs the post-death rituals as per their respective custom.

"I wished to donate my body to a dignified sector like medical education instead of letting it burn into ashes after my death," said Editor of Satashi Weekly in Damak, Chhabi Lal Dawadi.