Bomb goes off in Purano Naikap

Kathmandu, December 7

Voters at three polling centres in Purano Naikap were terrified in the early hours today after an explosion. As a result, voter turnout was low at three polling stations in Ward 13 of Chandragiri Municipality.

“As the voters were terrified, the turnout was very low,” said Dipak Paneru, a local. “It was 7:40am when I was preparing to head for the polling centre, which is just 100 metres from my house. The blast shook my entire house,” said Yadav Paneru, voter of the area.

“I looked out the window and saw smoke rising in the sky.  The window glass of my house was broken,” he added. A Nepali Army team had immediately rushed to the site.

According to Manoj Thapa, another local, the number of voters at the polling centres grew only after 11:00am.

Meanwhile, tight security arrangements were made at Bhandar Kharka polling centre in Chaimale after clash between cadres of the left alliance and Nepali Congress yesterday night. Police arrested two Nepali Congress cadres — Gopal Tamang and Chatur Tamang — after the clash.  According to DSP Rajan Chapagain polling in Chaimale took place peacefully.