Book on Chinese political history released

Book on Chinese political history releasedHimalayan News ServiceKathmandu, April 11"The relation between Nepal and China has remained good since time immemorial and there is a geographical, cultural, social, historical and political link between the two countries.., but the Nepali people do not know as much facts on China as they know about India, our other neighbour..," says the writer of the book "Political History of China" which was launched by Chairman of the Raj Parishad Standing Committee Keshar Jung Rayamajhi here on Thursday."The year 2001 has been a fortunate one to the Nepali people because they have three books to study about our close neighbour and well-wishing China, said renowned historian Satya Mohan Joshi. "The book written in Nepali, contains the political history of China that dates back thousands of years but this is not sufficient to learn about China. We should publish some books on the cultural history of China in Nepali language so that more of the Nepali students can study about China," he added. Chairman of the Raj Parishad Standing Committee, Dr Keshar Jung Rayamajhi expressed happiness over the publication of the book said that China has always remained a good friend of Nepal. Chairman of China Study Centre, Madan Regmi said that the book published by the centre would be a milestone in the study of the Chinese history for the Nepali students.